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Hide and show animation not working

I have an animation created for my contact form that shows the contact form when the email address if clicked on and should hide the contact form and show the contact block when the cancel button is pressed on the form. Everything is working fine except the block displaying the contact info block isn’t reappearing when i have the animations set. I attached the project below if anyone could help me that would be amazing.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - X-Stream365's Version 1

Hey @tenzin!

Thanks for reaching out with your question over here!

It looks like, on the Mouse click interaction you have for the email link, you have the Contact block going to an Opacity of 0%.

But, on the the Mouse click interaction for the cancel button, you don’t have the Contact block going back to an Opacity of 100%.

So, essentially, the contact block is there but it’s just transparent.

Here’s a SNAPSHOT with some more details.

Hope that helps!