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Hi everyone! Need a helping hand. The issue is about Instagram

Hi everyone! Need a helping hand. The issue is about Instagram.

I want my Instagram photos to display at the bottom of the page (as an advertising of goods). But faced with problem that most of the widgets CANNOT display ONLY photos. As a rule, they allow the user to view the whole Instagram page or images with comments and likes.

Ideally, the widget I want, has to show only Instagram pictures and display comments and likes when hovering mouse or in pop-up window.

Would be grateful for your advices. Thank you in advance!


Hello, Zoe!
I recommend you to try out this product by Elfsight:

With this feed you can show the latest or your favorite posts from your Instagram on your website page. It gives you lots of layout settings, and full control over the color of each element. You might not even need to add your own styles! There are many settings, you should try out here:

An example of the most popular style is on the photo below:

In addition to all the pros, it’s also very simple to install on your website.
All you have to do is:

  • Connect to the required Instagram page
  • Configure and apply the main parameters. After that you will have several lines of code.
  • You should copy it and past to any part of the page you want

If you are interested in this product, Here’s the detailed guide: (+ installation video tutorial).

I hope, that will be a great solution for you. Good luck with your project!


Hi @Elfsight,

I didn’t know that your service is free for webflow users that’s awesome. How does it work and applies this to all elfsight services?

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Hi, @Maurice !

Yes, all our widgets have free plans. Welcome!
Also, when registering, we give a coupon for 30% discount on any widget.

If you have any questions, I’m here to answer.

Thank you, @Elfsight !
It works perfectly for me

Hello Maurice, are you sure it’s free fro webflow’s users ? Maybe not can you help me ,

Hello Zeo!

I would suggest you try a third party product i.e. a social media aggregator which aggregates customize and embed Instagram feed on website. You can do it with webflow plugin as well

I am using it for almost 7 months and never stuck in any issue although they have dedicated support as well.

Give it a try.