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Third-party widget for Instagram (location, hashtag)

Hello to everyone!

I want to display photos from Instagram from exact location.
The best option for me would be to display photos from location AND hashtag (to exclude photos from the location without hashtag).

Could you recomend me some, please?


Hey @kirkortiz

You might want to give Instafeed a look. It does have a filter function too.

Here’s another one! :slight_smile:

Have you checked out Zapier?
I believe you could add location in a Zap.

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Hi, you can try this out: (there’s an online demo at that page). This Instagram widget can display images by URLs, tags, accounts or locations. You can use several options at the same time, the widget allows it.

You’ll find the detailed installation guide here:

I really think this is what you need!
If you have questions, feel free to ask :slight_smile:


Thank you, @matthewpmunger, @donaldsv, @jorn, @Elfsight !
I will have a look.


@Elfsight, I choose you!
Great widget, thank you!

I found everything, I was looking for in one place + I’ve noticed your Google Maps Widget, it’s great too!

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We are glad, you liked our widgets!

For new users we have a discount system

  • 20% discount on the first payment
  • 20% discount if you share the widget on Facebook

Good luck with your progect!

Here is another Instagram widget plugin. Have you tried Tagembed Instagram Widget! It is a third party tool through which you can add all types of Insgram feeds such as from Handle, profile,hashtags, video, photo albums, page feeds anything you want.
Here you will find all step to add Instagram feeds (hashtag, images, videos, album) on website