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Hi everyone, checking for these updates

I’ve been a Webflow user and have created a e-commerce website using this amazing platform but have not moved my clients over, because Webflow’s e-commerce features and services is still growing and young. I’m just checking back now to see if the following has been implemented:

  1. Printing Shipping Labels - Integration with UPS, USPS, etc.

  2. Discount Codes and Digital Gift Vouchers

  3. Product Carousels

  4. Product Alt Images for Product Thumbnails

  5. Social Media Instagram Feed at Footer Placement

Thank you so much,



I’m no webflow staff but here’s what I can tell you for sure :

— Printing labels : you can plug a service through a zapier or integromat. So it’s do-able
— Discount codes : Webflow is currently working on it and is testing it with users. And for now > if you know jquery, you can even build a workaround to do it (but this is not straightforward).
— Product carousels : You can do that with sliders and collection lists.
— Product alt images : You can link a product to a cms collection and therefore have extra fields, like alt images
— Social media instagram feed : Through zapier or integromat you can plug your instagram to update a CMS collection in Webflow and therefore style and display it where you want.

I hope this helps

Hey @Lucius_Blackheart!

You can see some of the upcoming Ecommerce features here:

Stay tuned!