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Back cause I heard Webflow e-commerce is live

Hey everyone,

I was part of the beta testers for Webflow e-commerce and stepped away cause there were features I was waiting on like:

  1. Variation products
  2. Product Zoom
  3. Product Carousel
    and more…

I didn’t want to find alternative solutions if these were items that were important in the teams to do list anyway. Is there a link somewhere I can look at of completed and pending integrations of the e-commerce platform? Are there any new updates I should know about?

Thank you all. I will comb the forums and check what’s changed.


Welcome back @Lucius_Blackheart :smiley:

1 - yup. it’s live.
2 - there is a way to do it and @philippe has a clonable project that you can learn from
3 - you can use pagination

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! Appreciate the follow up!