Hi! Can i use webflow to make something like this?

Hi, i need to implement a quiz system like this into my site. Do anyone know any example like this make by webflow? How can i do it in webflow? Thank you so much!

Yes. No, I don’t know of any examples.

All you need to do is have your 3 images, and put an action on each of them. The incorrect answers would trigger another div to populate “WRONG” information, and the correct answer would trigger that other div to populate “CORRECT!” information. Ideally, you would have all of them simultaneously cover up all of the images with an invisible div that would prohibit people from trying again.

Hope that makes sense.

Cricitem, thank you so much for your help!
I will try your method! Let you know if any problem. Thank you very much!

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Sure. You can style checkboxes in a certain way to mock that look. Give a while to write up something for you.

@Cricitem 's method seems great but I think the end goal here is to submit this information through a form, right? Meaning you will have to style the checkbox element directly?

yes yes that would be my ultimate goal. AlexManyeki thanks for your opinion. Take your time! I will keep trying on it too. Thanks so much guys.

Hi Alex, were you able to figure out how to style checkboxes?

Many thanks!

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