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Hey guys, i am an owner of a very popular cannabis networking platform and need help to be able to change small design features on the site with no coding experience ( its in react)

Basically I need to know what tools i can use where i could take a react symfony based mobile browser responsive site and make changes in the most drag and drop way possible. Also if anyone has any experience with map based sites and can help i would gladly consider hiring a consultant or advisor


Webflow is a visual design platform that uses similar technology, but from my experience, one cannot import a website directly. However, once said website is up and running in Webflow, the interface is very similar to Photoshop’s and is a completely user friendly visual based design platform. That said, one can have content editors that can log into pages and change content right in the page (better than Wordpress), but to change nuances of the site’s look and feel (meaning changing the root CSS and interactions) one will need to be an Admin of the site and use the normal editor.

I’ve used Webflow for many website mock-ups and host a few sites with them for clients. if you wish to learn more, please feel free to contact me through my portfolio site or directly. Best of luck!

Dan Weber

Dude so you just want to make a small design change? I mean if you only change the design, let’s say the inteface it won’t make your site much better, if you think that a small design change can make your site better and more popular you are mistaken, pretty much by the way. If you want to make it better you have to make several changes, and not small, but pretty essential. In terms of just design and interface you can take an example from, these guys have a really simple and pleasant design of their website, taking into account the fact that they are in the same industry as you are.