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Here we go! My portfolio page :)

Hi there!

I want to share with you my simple but useful portfolio page :smile:

PS: Do you think is necessary a loading page for my site?
The average speed of the internet here in Brazil is low… and we always use a kind of loader to help, but in some cases, I think is quite over.
Please, tell me your opinion!


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:smiley: Very unusual portfolio

I just didn’t notice loader, sorry. And small font a little bit frustrating :pensive: But maybe it is just my tired eyes.

Tks @sabanna!
There is no loader yet! I’m just asking your opinion if is necessary or not :smile:

Nice and clean! :smiley: great job!..

Tks @PixelGeek
Coming from you means a lot for me :blush:

That’s really unique and you have a lot of great content in your portfolio, nice work!

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Thank you @Waldo_Broodryk I’m very grateful!