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In Progress Portfolio Website For Client

It’s nice to share your best work… but this is definitely not that.

I was able to use a lot of the structure from a cloneable site and make something simple for a client with next to nothing for content.

Took me 4 hours.

I plan on making some fixes to give it a better feel but I am kind of stuck.

Any suggestions?

Wooooow! :anguished: Mind blown with all the clean interactions. It looks great just how it is. Only thing I would change is the Introduction page that appears for a second and goes away. It made me feel like I missed out because I was not able to read the text fast enough. Might just be my English though. :yum:

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Hi @Scott_Van_Zandt

Clean and smooth site, feels nice :slightly_smiling: :+1:

What I would change/add:

  • agree about intro (preloader), it is too fast or at least, leave the owners name on the home page too
  • links on the menu have a different order on different pages
  • I would make text size bigger

Hi @sabanna!

Thank you!

I really appreciate the feedback :blush:

I think you’re right about making the text size bigger. I think I will use Raleway for a nice and clean look. I appreciate all the suggestions! I am making those changes now :slight_smile:

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