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Help With Section Order


Im having a little trouble with section order on the page. I have nav bar and then a section under the nav bar. When I put a 2nd section…it also goes under the nav bar…covering up the first section.

I put two columns in the 2nd section and made them dark blue and light blue so it is easy to see them on the page. Thank you very much for your help!

Here is the link:

Hello, @Publius.

Did you manage to fix the issue? Because I could not find the page with 2 sections on your site.



I didnt get it fixed. I took the link down because I kept making changes trying to fix it.

Basically- if I have a section and I fix it to the top of the page and set the height to 60% (this is for a “hero” section)…then when I put a new section on the page…it does not position itself below the first section. The new section goes right under the nav bar on TOP of the hero section.

Well, if you are using position:fixed settings, it is how it works. Elements with fixed position will not affect other elements positioning on the page, they become “independent” and ignored by other elements in the structure.

I didnt know that. Thank you

You are welcome.

Also, maybe this post will be helpful too


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