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Section not placing under copied navbar, only new navbar


I’m working on a new page and have what seems to be a simple problem. When I copy a navbar from an existing page then place a section from elements, it goes into the same area as the navbar. However, if I create a new navbar and place a section, it goes underneath it.

I don’t have a share link because it’s a new page and isn’t published or linked anywhere yet. It’s just these two elements at the moment and it’s certainly got me scratching my head. Is there a difference between copying from an existing page and placing on a new page?

When I tried creating a symbol with the navbar, the section did the same thing (going into the navbar instead of below it).

Thanks in advance. I did try and search for the last hour but only seemed to come across navbar and section linking issues.

EDIT: sorry, forgot to say that in the navigator, the section is below navbar.

No way to know why without url (also screenshot could be helfull beacuse terms like “going into the navbar” - are very general).

Maybe you set the nav to fixed or absoulute position (If so - be aware to z-index)

How to add URL?

“don’t have a share link because it’s a new page and isn’t published or linked anywhere yet”

Share link

Publish (

Hi Siton_Sytems,

Thanks! You actually reminded me of the positions. It was set to Fixed. After the section element was added, I selected the Body in the navigator and added padding from the top and this moved everything below the navbar. I found the answer here: Adding a fixed navigation bar after adding “fixed” to my navbar search to find out how to correct this.

Nice. Mark as solve to close this topic :slight_smile: thanks!

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