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Nav section covers the entire screen and all other links!?


I’ve been trying to fix this navigation issue on my website, but with no luck! This is the read-only link:

On the Home page, I have my nav set up where there are 4 links on each corner of the screen. Currently, the nav has a Z-Index of 10, which isn’t a problem with the top half of my home page (with gif animation). The issue is when a user scrolls down and can’t click on the link blocks for each project because the nav section takes up the entire screen. All my work with hover effects is hidden and there’s no way to get to those project pages.

How can I work around this? Are there changes I should make to the nav settings or section settings? Your help is much appreciated - thank you!

Here is my public share link:

Hi @fullstackdesigner

Set Homepage section2 position: relative and z-index: 20. It will help.


Hey @sabanna,

Thanks for that! Looks like that solved 3 out of the 4 corner links, but the one that’s giving me trouble now is the top left link. Looks like Homepage section2 overlaps it, as per this screenshot:

Any suggestions? Thanks again.

Well, then set “Homepage section2” position back to AUTO and apply z-index:20 to “Homepage container2”

Perfect, it worked! Thank you!

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Always welcome :slight_smile: Was glad to help

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