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Help with Responsiveness and Sizing (and Possible Bug)

I would like my site to change to the largest mobile version before the tabs on the desktop version are repositioned under one another. “Contact” and “Tattoos” moves to a second row. I don’t see an option to make the transition at an exact pixel width, but this seems like it should be an easy fix.

Related to the size of the page, the sixth square on the “Artists” page is being pushed right, leaving a blank square. This is not happening on the other pages with similar squares - “Stories” and “Tattoos.” There is no extemporaneous elements in the navigator, I checked throughly.

Similarly, the last “Google” image is being pushed to a second row no matter the page size. Why is this?

I would greatly appreciate anyone’s help with these issues as the site will be very closed to being ready for wide release.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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See how you can resize your site viewport:

Ok, so, you should design, and make you esign work, for the smallest size of the desktop, in width. So this size (992px):

With Webflow, you can’t whose your breakpoints values yet. So you have to deal with the prochosen breakpoints.

What I can propose you is to reduce the padding on menu items to make them all fit in the desktop breakpoint:

Thanks, Vincent! That did the trick!

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