Problems with centering of objects/text & problems with responsiveness

Hello everyone,

Im in the learning phase of Webflow and i can’t figure some things out.

Here is the site i’m currently working on:

What’s the best way to center, let’s say the tab buttons? (Or anything)

And if i want to resize a text block to fit it for the mobile version should i just change the width of the text block or should i squeeze the text block by using paddings?

I also came across this:

where on the mobile version the navbar stretches out to the far right.
Which i think might be related to my padding use @ the ‘dienstverlening’ section?

Anyways, i hope you guys know what i mean and can help me with this!



You have an element with a fixed width that pushes the boundaries of the viewport. Fix that by passing it to 100vw, 100% or auto and your nav should be fine then.

Aha! Fixed it, thanks so much.

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