Help with my slider

Does anyone know why my slider (in the Commercialization section) isn’t working? It works in the Designer, but when I go to view the page the slider doesn’t work at all.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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@CyberMatt - have you tried publishing your site and testing? It is working for me in both designer and preview, but it doesn’t look like you’ve published the site yet.

Hey Sam, thank you for the quick reply.
My agency just bought the agency package, and I’ve never published a site before. Would I need to purchase hosting before I can do that, or can I just just click publish and Webflow will take care of the rest?

@CyberMatt - you can publish to the webflow hosted domain for free, it will be I generally use this as a development site for testing before publishing to a custom domain.

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Thank you! Seems to be working when I published.
Another question I had is that in my slider, there are 2 items per slide, which I used a grid to make. When I go down to mobile and need to keep the same cards, but have them show one per slide instead of two. Is that possible given how I have structured my HTML? For now I just created a mobile slider that is set to display while on mobile, and I hide the other slider but this seems less efficient that if I were able to simply change the amount of cards per slide based on device.