Slider doesn't work in tablet screen and smaller

Hi everyone!
I have a slider in my website and Im using a different slider in the tablet view - and for some reason the slider doesn’t work in the tablet view (and smaller views) when published (works in webflow!)
the arrows don’t work and I cant move to other slides + the slide nav doesn’t appear at all.

Well, I’ve read all the forum conversations about similar issues and I couldn’t solve the problem.
I guess it has to do with some styling I did somewhere in the gallery but I cant find it …
would appreciate any help!

edit: It works only when Im refreshing the page : (

here is the read only:

Can you please share the published URL?

Here it is:

edit: usually it is here in the share link

Hm… on which device exactly doesn’t it work? It works for me when using a smaller view in chrome

Thanks for the answers!
ok now I understand that i does work in smaller screens but:
it’s not working when I open the website in a regular desktop screen and then resize it manually (and also in the responsive mode in the inspect).
so maybe I overreacted - and I can live with that - but it’s still a bit weird

thanks for the help guys!