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Hello guys, sorry for disturbing.
My name is Diego and I’m from Brazil. I really love webflow, but i’m having some issues with resizing the website to mobile.
Could someone with more experience than me check my read-only link, test it and tell me what’s wrong?
When on mobile view, on 320x everything is ok. When i change it to a bigger mobile version, everything bugs out on the third page (contato).
Sorry for the bad english, i can understand it easily, but talking/writing is hareder. haha
Thanks a lot to anyone who can give me a hand! :smile:

PS: If there’s any other forum thread about this same issue, please link it in the comments.

Here is my public share link:

Hello Diego ( @Setzuko),

I would suggest to change structure of that page. It is not necessary to have 2 forms for create that kind of form that you have. Also there is several big negative margins, which often become a reason of messed mobile views.

If you need a help, I can help you with “re-building” and at the end you will have clean structure and easy changeable contact form.


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Hi @sabanna,

I really didn’t knew about the negative margins trouble with mobile views. :open_mouth:
Thanks for the tips.

I would really like some help with re-building, can we talk through PM?
Thanks for the answer!

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Sure, text me when you will be ready to work.

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