Margin on right side appears for some odd reason

I’m not sure why but there is a huge white space margin on the right side on mobile.

Any idea what’s causing this?

Thank you,
Jaime G.

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Could you check/renew your read-only link, please? It gives 404 error now.

Hi @JaimeGizzle,
lets start from reduce font size for “CT CTA1 Heading” and “H2Heading Light”, on mobile view. If this will not fix issue completely, will try to dig dipper :wink:


reduced font size.

still working

Please help as this is still happening

I am looking… Sorry for delay. There is something that is hard to catch. But I am still digging :smiley:

I found! :smiley:
It is in the section with contact form.

Oh wow this a great reply. the video is awesome!

I guess it was just me not setting it up right. I must have set the padding so that the forms don’t stretch to the edge. I should set margins on the fields.

works perfect now.

thank you!

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Glad I was able to help :slight_smile: this small image made me nerves LOL

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