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Help with Fixed Navbar - adding Header tag

Hello All, I have a fixed navbar for mobile section of my page that I need a little help with. I want to 1st say I’ve read through several other posts in forum about fixed navbar including this:

so I’ve tried to solve on my own by reading forum before posting this, but I’m still having issues.

here is a page link:

I have a link on site to a page section (the “view projects” button & the arrow @ end of slideshow). When you click on the button it moves down to section but the section is cut off/covered by the navbar.

I’ve tried fix of adding top padding to the body (as suggested by forum tip link above) but it didn’t work for my site.

Any advice what I am doing wrong?

Also please note that this navbar is for tablet/mobile sizes only. You’ll notice the nav is turned off for desktop view.

-Thank you!

Hi @PageMill_1_0

For make section stop scroll exactly under the navigation Navbar by itself should be fixed OR Navbar should be wrapped with Header tag.

In your situation, you can change the tag in the “header nav” section settings


Thank you Sabanna! This worked perfectly.

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