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Help with fixed nav bar scrolling past section


I’m having an issue with my fixed nav bar scrolling a little bit past each section instead of landing at the top of it when a nav link is clicked. It’s not interfering with content of the sections but it would be nice space-wise if the nav bar landed at the top of each section instead of inside it. It only happens on the live site, not inside Webflow, when I preview it scrolls properly to the top edge of each section. I’ve read the forums but can’t seem to correct it. You can view the live site at

Thank you in advance

Here is my public share link:
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Works fine to me :confused: did you manage to fix it?

No it hasn’t been fixed. On my computer when I’m on the live site the nav bar scrolls just past the top of each section.

Could you, please re-create read-only link? current link doesn’t work

Ok here is few steps that you could try to do:

  1. Add section on most top of site structure
  2. Give it class and make it fixed with height equal navbar height and z-index higher than video background
  3. Change the tag of the section to HEADER
  4. set Navbar itself position auto or relative

Let me know if it will help.


Ok I don’t know what I did but it’s now working lol. Thank you!

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