Google Calendar Integration

Hey everyone, I’m hoping to be able to have my website sync directly with my google calendar that way I don’t have to manually copy every event into a CMS and upload it every time something changes. In a perfect world, the website would pull every event and create a box for it, similar to the way my schedule does currently.

Recently I had a venue cancel, two others change their times, added a couple of shows…and every single change I have to go back into my excel, make the changes, upload to the website, etc. Would make life a whole lot easier if the website just fed straight from my google cal app.

Thank you!

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If you’re wanting your events to be stored in the CMS, you can setup automations to keep the CMS current based on what happens in your calendar. New events, recurring events, edits, deletes… all of these can trigger updates. is a good choice here, but there are a lot of automation options.

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