Help with element position and interaction

Hello everyone, I’m trying to make this site with several animations, it happens that when I put the images in its place and I will visualize, they appear out of place that I had placed. Another thing, when I view the site in the version for tablet, smartphone, are also out of place. I have to animate several objects and I can not solve this! Could someone help me by pointing me where I’m wrong?
Here is the URL:
As you can see, the boat begins its animation in the ocean and not on the beach as it had been placed and the image of the ocean, is outside the desired location.

Thank you!

Hi @mdigital, thanks for creating a new post about the animation and the element positions.

I will help a lot to check if you can help to share the site read-only link:

Thanks in advance

Hello! Thank you for your messagem. Here is the link:

The original website of my client that was made with Flash and now he asked me to make in different system is:

Thank you!

Hi @mdigital, can you help to share a screenshot instead of the flash of how the initial objects should appear, or take a screencast of the animation, i.e. using a good tool like

Hi! I’m not sure if I get it, but I have to redo the site that is in Flash, but I’m not following exactly how it is currently. I’m getting the images but I’m doing something simpler to not complicate, since my knowledge in Webflow is not great. I will try to send some images of what I am trying to do and what is happening. If you have Skype, we can talk to him and I can share my screen. What do you think? My Skype is: marcelowiz


Please, have a look in those 2 images next. One is in the Preview and the other not. You can see the image of the ocean that goes to the right in the preview. Also in the tablet view, smartphone, the image goes out.
Is there any way to make sure I will have the images in the place they have to be?

Hello, I made this video to show exactly one of the things that are happening with the positioning of the objects, but I can’t send a video file.