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How to center div and overflow hidden problems

Hey! Im currently working on a portfolio website. However I’m running into some issues. This is my first project in webflow and Im not used to flexbox from before.

Please check out read only link to understand my explanation:
The first problem I have is that when I scroll down I get a side scroll bar, even tho I have set everything to Overflow Hidden. I would like to add overflow-x: hidden. I dont have access to custom code. Is there any way to fix this without custom code? Im pretty sure its because of Image 4 (the mountains) getting bigger when I scroll.

My second problem is that Div Block 6 isnt centered. As I said Im not used to using Flexbox, but I tried following the video tutorial. But I couldnt get it to work. I centered it on my 27inch monitor using positioning and a percentage, but then It doesnt stay centered when I resize my screen.

I would also really appreciate any help when It comes to positioning in general, as pretty much all I’ve used is either relative or absolute and then edit the percentage.


This is an excellent introduction to CSS Layout + positioning.

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Using Relative or Absolute position to center things is not a really smart option.

I’d love to help you but it seems like your link is broken?

My bad. I forgot to remove the post. The problem is not fixed. Thanks for wanting to help :slight_smile:

I changed this to not solved. Provide a read only link so someone can offer assistance.

I think he tried to write “now” and somehow ended up writing “not”. Let’s see…

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My bad, I meant that its fixed now :slight_smile: Thanks again!