Better Image Management for Photographer?

I’m absolutely loving designing in Webflow and the CMS functionality. My biggest issue - I’m a photographer so I have a CMS gallery of images and those images are all a single record. They have links to other collections for categories and such (Weddings, commercial, etc.) but each image is still a record. I’m approaching a point where I want to rework my portfolio, but managing the portfolio in Webflow is a challenge. It’s very difficult to see which image is which without going into each record manually, and the 25 image limit on multi-image is a problem. When I loaded images en masse, I used Zapier to watch a dropbox folder that created the live item, but I’m not sure if there’s a two way option where I could also delete the file and have it delete on the Webflow side.

Anyone have any recommendations for portfolio management for photographers? Open to using a third party tool that could access my CMS in some type of visual way?

Any recommendations?