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Is it possible to add section links in a CMS rich text field?

Is it possible to add ID tags in the presentation field on CMS collections? I want to have in page linking, which doesn’t look possible :confused:

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Hey @zellet please provide a read-only link to your project so that the community can understand your request and provide better assistance. Thanks in advance.

oops! Meant to. So if you navigate to portfolio > ZEIT case study. All the content in the presentation field, it would be great to have links to page sections. Right now it looks like id have to start from scratch and NOT use CMS. Any ideas?


The CMS rich text fields cannot see the html structure on the template page. That is true, therefore Webflow doesn’t offer the interface for page sections inside the CMS RT links. This means that any linking would need to be input into the url field.

It is possible. Simply type the tag into the url field with a # in front and no spaces.

Then make sure that the url field matches a legitimate section on the template page. If there’s not, the link will do nothing.


Hope this helps and answers your question. Happy designing!

I’ve come across 3 threads in the forum where people are asking how to deep link into a heading within a rich text element. This is a very common thing to want to do. If you have blog post, or a page of content, lots of times people want to be able to link directly to a heading in that page. Can you PLEASE add the ability for someone to add an ID to any heading in a RT element!?