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Help | Video is not appearing on publish site

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I am reaching out to the community as I am facing an issue with the background elements video. Indeed, while I publish my website the video is not showing off. Is someone has encountered the same problem as me before? Some help would be much appreciated, please.

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Preview_link → Webflow - Drover Club

Share the published URL please.

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here we go : Midnight Discovery

Thank you in advance for your help @webdev

Hi Webdev, did you have the time to find what is the issue?

Your background image is going over your background video.

Hi @iDATUS, thank you for your reply. There is no image. The element you are seing in the middle with the light is a div block. That’s why I don’t understand why the video is not appearing.

There is an image of a big moon. That is the image that is overlaying your other element that has the video inside.
Turn the image off and you will see the video.
Or at least I did.

I need to keep the image in the background for marketing purpose. What I did is I removed it from the MD_container_page and added it the MD_section. Usually now the MD_container_page container will only have to show the video but it’s still not appearing…

Thank you for your advice. I applied what you said but nothing has changed and the situation is still the same. The video is still not appearing. I try to do my best but I would love someone to help me out. Could the size of the video engender this problem?

My bad, I actually did change a setting in my quick test but it didn’t do anything or thought it didn’t.

All that matters is it does now.
Do that and it will work.

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It’s working now! Thank you very much for your help @iDATUS :smiley:

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