SOS: the invisible background video on published site

Guys i’be been sitting for over 4 hrs and yet still didn’t figure out why is my background video only uploaded on the design page and not on the published site.

My browser is Chrome and i publsihed the website to see if the video work. Nither preview nor pubilshed sites work. I also converted my video from MP4 to MOV because the MP4 was always transcoding and stuck at its 90%. Then I successfully load the video to the design site but can’t see on the published site.

Any helps would be so much appriciated!

Design site:

Here is my site Read-Only:

This issue seems weird so I’m assuming the issue is because of the video.

I downloaded your .mov video file from the project and converted to .mp4. By the way, I use HandBrake app to convert which works best for converting videos, also to make it work well with the web.

I tried your video and build a page please check in the link below.

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Hi, it works now! I created 2 websites for my portfolio, one is an imported template from webflow, another has nothing. The video on the template website didn’t work but the the one has no elements loaded successfully. Thank you so much!