Background video doesn't appear

Hello everybody,

I’m trying to add a video on a landing page. I don’t want it to take full space, just be in a wide large box.
The video is not hosted anywhere, so I need to upload it on the page.

I put a background video block inside a container and uploaded my video (as you can see in section 5).

I can see it’s been loaded, put it doesn’t appear, nor when I go on a preview mode.

Does anyone knows why ?


Here is my public share link: LINK
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I had a similar issue. It was a problem with the browser. Try previewing it in Chrome. Mine works fine there. It doesn’t run in the designer.

I tried but it doesn’t work either…

I just previewed it on Chrome from my end and it works fine. There may be something else going on from your end. Send Webflow and email with the issue. They are awesome about helping you with issues. :slight_smile: :wink:

Hey @Adrien75

Check you browser extensions. Disable all of the them. Then enable one by one to see which one is blocking the embed.

Thank you for you answers guys.
In the end, I inserted the video in a slider, hide the buttons and it worked just fine :slight_smile: