Just wanted to share my excitement over the new CMS item visibility feature!

Not that anyone cares, but the new feature released is something I just discovered a couple of days ago that I needed really badly! I sign in with a pop-up announcement and almost crapped my pants!

Thanks Webflow! Keep up the good work!

P.S. Hopefully manual ordering of CMS items next? :wink:


Hi @MichaelMannucci

Have you tried giving your collection a # number field - then sorting ‘smallest to largest’ by that number in the collection list?

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I used this feature today, not knowing it was a new feature, then I signed out and logged in to realise it was new!

Excellent timing Webflow team! :space_invader:

Yep, what @StuM said, this is already do-able. :smiley:

Beyond excited!

Will use this all the time.

Doable, yes. Client friendly? Not at all.

Great @MichaelMannucci :smiley:

Would you describe what are your use cases for this filter possibility? It’s still obscure to many what they can achieve with it. If you document it it’s even better :slight_smile: Don’t hesitate to do it in a new Tips and Tricks post if you go intol details. (a quick description of the use case here is fine too).

Thanks in advance!

Sure! An example would be a company website that lists the staff, and you want to have them ordered according to the importance of the role (CEO, CFO, Admin, whatever).

Telling a client to add a number to each person rather than the ability to click and drag an arrangement is not exactly ideal, for a couple of reasons. First, it’s an obvious work-around. If I’m designing a website, workarounds are fine, but it’s not great to offer work-around to clients IMO, the easier/straight forward the better. Second, if they need to add or remove a new person to the list, they would need to edit every single other entry to adjust the ordering. If you say “add a 0 at the beginning so they can do 031 and 032”, I would argue again this is an obvious work-around, and at that point is getting confusing and unorganized.