Cart popup doesnt trigger on published

For some reason the cart pop up works in preview but not when published. Any ideas?

Here is my link

It was a clash with some custom JS that was forcing the pop up to stay closed.

Thanks everyone

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Can you drop the published URL to this page as well

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It looks like the function that changes the display and opacity properties of the cart wrapper isn’t working on the live site - seems to me like an issue with the Webflow code

You could write a function that changes the opacity and display property of this class:


when the cart button is clicked and vice versa when the X is clicked.

Might work but it would just be a quick fix if you can’t find another solution

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$(“.w-commerce-commercecartcontainerwrapper–cartType-rightSidebar”).css({“display”: “flex!important”, “opacity”: “1!important”});

You could add this as custom code and see if it works to open the cart

If this one doesn’t work try this one

$(“.w-commerce-commercecartcontainerwrapper–cartType-rightSidebar”).css({“display”: “flex”, “opacity”: “1”});

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HI @Shane_Martin before you will try to fix something that should work out of the box you should IMO fix the errors on you website first. You do not closing in one script your function correctly. Fix it first and go from there.

add these RED brackets to close your function correctly.

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Awesome. Sorry im not a dev, does this go in the “Before the Body” ?

Done!! Thanks for that. I dont think it helped though.

Thanks for the advice. I tried both in the Custom Code footer section. Wrapped in right?

I tried switching the default from slide out to dropdown and the dropdown does appear but it goes away before I can click Continue To Checkout


the code needs to be wrapped in script tags

< script >

insert code here

< / script>

without the spaces, and in the footer section inside the body

it’s in the before the < / body> section