Membership + Payment + planning

Hello guys !

I’m creating à website for a client who wants to sell watchmaking courses.

My client wants a member zone, with a planning where members can book a course on it and pay for it.

I dont really know how to do this, i know that membership solution can be link to Webflow, but none with planning in it.

I was planning to create a membership with memberstack, memberspace, or any other membership solution and then, adding a calendly, but, i really have no clues if it can works.

Do you guys already done website like this, what would be your advices on this projects ?

Can you help me ?

Thanks a lot !

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As you’ve pointed out, Webflow Memberships is still in the beta phase. We don’t yet have a definite date of when we’ll open this to more people or launch it for everyone. If you need a membership site built out now, Memberstack, Memberspace, or Outsetta can integrate with your Webflow project now.

I would suggest going to their sites and reading up on their documentation or tutorials.

Good luck with your project :slight_smile:


Thanks Nelson !

I found : and it seems to be what i need.

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