Help me setup my form

Hey, I am setting up my first site via Webflow but I can’t figure out how to setup a forum like in my mockup design.

The design I made is this one:

when you press next it will take you to the full forum with the info you entered previously already entered:

The steps of creating this that I don’t know are:

The multiple choice field ( mr / mrs) , or at least how to change the style of it.

How to add icons in front of the text

How to make the main form take the info they entered in the smaller form on the homepage

Thanks in advance!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Not sure it is possible with webflow. in this case you need to use variables :frowning:


Use this read only link to see how to achieve it :slight_smile:

It works! But now the text goes underneath the icon, anyway to fix this?

np. add left padding to the text field.

Thanks man! Got it almost figured out right now! Only need to make the multiple choice field the same style as the input fields, any idea how to do that?

Not sure you can. this is looks like A built-in component that you can not style.

Is there no way to make a input field like this one?

or enter custom code somewhere to make this happen?

I think you should start here a new thread under custom code category - I’m sure you get the answer :smile:

Will do , thanks for helping!