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Creating a step by step system


I’m trying to create a step by step system in Webflow. I’m struggling to find a solution though.

Here’s the first step (as an example).

Please note that the bar with the 4 balls + icons shows which step you’re on, this should be clickable and change depending on the step. When you click ‘Next Step’, the form should process to the next step form.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Any help would REALLY be appreciated!


I suggest reading this:

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Thanks for the reply. Do I need to create multiple forms on the same page, or do I create different pages and make a form on each page?

What’s a good way to get the step circles (the grey bar with the green circle) to change for each page; should I upload a different retina image for each page in order to display the page the user is on? I quite wanted the user to be able to click the circle in the step bar to go back/advance to the step in the circle they are clicking, and will have text underneath each step, i.e. Begin, Add Campaign, Finish, Preview.

Thank you!