Help editing static heading on scroll to portfolio cloneable template

Hi, I’m an amateur with webflow and am working on this cloneable template:

How can I edit the text of the H1 heading without accidentally activating the scrolling container on top of it?

My read-only link is available below. Many thanks!

Here is my site Read-Only:

[1]: http://(

Hi @AmateurAndrea,

Welcome to the forum!

Would you be able to repost your read-only link? The link you posted isn’t working on my end.


hi @AmateurAndrea when you set temporarily sticky-wrapper to hidden you will get an access to these elements.

As @mww mentioned next time include read only in your request next to your published or in this case at least link to cloneable template you are using eg.

these are basic guidelines that are pinned on top of each forum section.

When posting please:

  1. Share your project’s Read-Only link AND live site’s Published link
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Hi @mww

My apologies & thanks for the reply. I didn’t realize the link was broken.

I will replace it in the original post, Thank you!

Hi @Stan thank you for your reply.

I’ve fixed the broken read-only link now & will try to do as you mentioned, temporarily set sticky-wrapper to hidden.

Many thanks!

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