Can't edit text/heading block

Hi there!

I have taken over a design from a more senior designer who’s not available now, and I need to simply change the hero text on the very first hero section.

However, I double click in that text and nothing happens: Can’t seem like it’s possible to edit it at all. Yet, I can edit all the other headers, but not on the scrollable first hero sections.

Wondering where the issue is?

Here is my read-only link: Webflow - Landing Page '22

Really appreciate the help here!

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The sections have negative z-index which means it lies below the “surface”. To edit the text, you can temporarily chance the z-index to 0 or 1. Make sure to change it back if you’re unsure of its function. Just it case it messes with the scrolling effect.

Hm, it didn’t work… But I came up with a work-around:

Created a simple div, copied, the header inside there, removed the header class → only after I removed the header class I was able to edit the copy. Then I re-assigned the header class and moved the header back to where it was…

HOWEVER (!!!) now I can’t move past the scroll-snap-wrapper at all?? Neither in the editor, nor in Preview. All the content is still inside, but just can’t move past it at all?!?.. Help?? Wtf is this even from?

The heading itself has z-index: -2 too. so you’d need to change that to edit.

Can you explain by can’t move past it? if you have a video recording that’ll be better.

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O! Worked (regarding the heading) → thanks so much!

Here’s what I mean by not being able to scroll:
(I recorded the screen)

Appreciate your help!

The settings for me don’t look like the one you have though.

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I have the same issue.