Form Access to Public Page

Hi all,

We are trying to create a page with a product demonstration only available after the visiter has provided their email via a form.

So the flow should be:

  1. Display the form that asks for an email
  2. Once the email is entered the form should disappear and display content

Any idea how to do this ?

Hi @DanielR :wave: welcome to the forum.

Many ways to do this :smile:

Here’s the super quick & dirty way.

Create a native Webflow form:

Add a redirect on form submit:

Create a “/success” page:

Make sure it’s not linked to anywhere or in your sitemap.

It’s the quick & dirty approach :wink:

Quick & dirty v2…

Do the same as above but instead of creating a new page, slam the content into the forms success message:

If you need something better, here’s quick & dirty v3…

The not so dirty, but still very quick way…

  • Setup Webflow Memberships.

Not what you’re asking for.

People need to enter an email, a password, accept an invite, etc…

There are more approaches, but hopefully that helps!

Thanks Chris, I really appreciate it.

I think Ive solved it with a disappearing trigger event on the page once submit it selected. Its dirty (as you say) and easy to get around but unlikely people will select submit without providing details.

Thanks again for your guidance.