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Advice on Locking a Page

I need some advice locking a page but then unlocking once a form has been submitted.

Not sure if this is even possible but I created a page that has some valuable content on it. I want people to be able to see the page but not be able to watch any of the videos. I basically want to create a “Call To Action” on my home page which in theory would send the user to this valuable page. When the user clicks on video they would be directed to sign up on my form. Once they sign up they would get access to the page and be able to view content.

Has anyone successfully been able to do something like this without knowing a lot of code?


AFAIK there is no way without custom code.

Store a cookie on form submit. Form redirects to secret page. Secret page checks for cookie and kicks users out if not found.

Of course, users can bypass cookies by disabling either JavaScript or Cookies.


Good to know and thanks for the information. I will follow up and see if this is something you may be able to knock out for me.

One way to do this is to password protect your page, then have the password to that page appear on the form “success” state.

Probably the easiest approach — or you could tell the submitter of the form to check their email to get their special password to access the page. This would require an auto-reply on form submit, which can be set up with mailchimp/zapier.


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