Hi everyone, recent squarespace convert here :)

Hi everyone :wave: ! Glad to be here. I’ve recently started using webflow after a couple people in a business group I’m in started using it. So far I’ve worked on two websites and man, I love webflow! My main site is still on Squarespace but I might move that over by next year as well. I’ve really enjoyed learning webflow with all the fun tutorials over at university. I’m excited about all the options it has vs. Squarespace.
I only build sites for myself (and my mum most recently :smile: ) but love to learn all I can.
How much info do people put in these intros? :sweat_smile:


Welcome to the community! :smiley: So glad you found us and are enjoying it thus far. You should join us tomorrow morning for the live stream sneak peek of our next big feature. Because if you think Webflow is fun now, we are just getting started :wink:

@PixelGeek all signed up :slight_smile: . I’ve followed along a couple of livestreams since joining.

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thanks for watching :+1:

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Welcome @sarahfrison :raised_hands:

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