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Hello from Hoff City, Netherlands

Hello everybody,

This is Vikash from the Netherlands.
No experience in coding or e-commerce or what so ever.

I’m hoping to get a more clear vision about starting up an e-commerce website.
I’m trying to dig into to find out if it would make sense for me to learn all the stuff through education about HTML, CSS, and such.
Choosing between knowledge or time… that’s my struggle right now.
Maybe Webflow can be the solution in mean time. Not sure yet.

I don’t want to connect myself with a partner which can hold me in a choke hold, in case if I want to move my business elsewhere.
So I’ll be reading around to see if Webflow might be the partner for now.

Hi Vikash,

Welcome to the forums. Webflow is a great tool. I think you will love it.

Teresa - Webflow Designer