Hello everybody

I am Nicholson, I new here… lets get to know each other


Hello @nicholsonwhite Nice to see you here!


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Hello @nicholsonwhite welcome to Webflow :smiley: See you around!

I’am new to. I have to say the Learning curve is high, coming from Muse.

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Hi @Casey If you don’t know you can check Webflow University

A lot of videos and explanations :blush:


Hey Piter,
Thanks for your kind response.
I have been working with Webflow for about 2 months now.
Trying and testing. I am motivated to invest more time because of the ecommerce announcement.
But realize that there are still many questions.

I think we should assume that this is hosted on US servers.
GDPR issues and more of that kind of questions

And I found my way to Webflow University. Many of the tutorials are very helpful. Some others need more attention.
People say that you need to invest 10,000 hours in order to be good at something
So I still have to invest some time.

Have a nice weekend.


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