Hello Community from Lisbon

Hello to all!

I’m an italian living in Lisbon, very passionate about coding and design.

I always felt frustrated to have to code a lot of business logic without being able to focus on design because the tools around had too much limitations or performances issues.

Then I discovered Webflow and it feels like the best tool around there to focus on design without sacrificing control and performances.

I jumped in because I needed some help with e-commerce specific features so now I will go on the other side and ask you help about that :sweat_smile:

Nice to be part of it and happy to meet you!

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Hi Michele and welcome on this forum.

Hello Vincent, thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve tried to create a topic in CMS & Ecommerce help but the new topic button is disabled.

I’ve seen that I can create new topics in other categories such Community but not all of them.

May I ask you for advice, do you know why I can’t in that section and do you think it will be ok as a fallback to write in Community category ?

Thanks a lot !

I think I found the hick, in a category with subcategories I have to chose a subcategory first in order to create a new topic.

I guess it was quite obvious sorry, long time I didn’t post anything on a blog :rofl: