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Hello Webflow Community,

I am currently working on a project, Golden Harbors (you can view the read-only link here: Golden Harbors), where I am facing a challenge with the CMS pages.

The website has over 30 CMS pages, each containing 10 headings. My goal is to maintain unique headings for each CMS item, and I want to prevent these headings from auto-applying to each page.

To illustrate, let’s say I have a page titled “Dominica Citizenship” with a heading “Dominica Advantages”. If I decide to change “Dominica Advantages” to “Grenada Advantages”, this change auto-applies to all the CMS pages, which is not what I want. I am looking for a way to bind a specific heading to its corresponding country page without it auto-applying to other parts of the CMS pages.

I have received advice to create a separate field in my CMS for each unique heading, and then bind each heading element to the corresponding field in my CMS collection. However, I am not sure if this is the best approach to maintain my structure of headings separately inside the CMS.

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Welcome @Golden_Harbors :wave:

That’s the best approach.

Another approach is to use the Rich Text Field within the CMS. That allows you to add “heading” tags within it. But ultimately it’s the same idea.

To display unique data per CMS template page, you need to store, and then bind, that data from within your CMS.

Here are some good resources walking you through some of these options:

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But if there is a limit for each collection—only 60 cms parts in the best package of webflow business—and I have 12 headings on each page (they are pretty much the same—unique country name/typical other part of the heading), I need to put each heading in only one container to keep the SEO structure good. Right now, the unique country name comes from CMS and the typical country name comes from another CMS or is sometimes static.
So now I have a lot of different H2 or H1 on different pages of my website (screen below) instead of nicely structured 12 Headings

Hey @Golden_Harbors!

One method that may fix your issue, is to use a custom embed to inject the dynamic pieces.

In short, where you’d like your H2 to appear, use a custom code embed instead of a heading element, and type your headline as follows: <h2>Your Headline Here</h2>

Then, you can use the + Add Field button in the top right of the editor to inject your variables within the headline, like below:

I think this will keep everything as a single H2 element for SEO purposes, but still allow you to customize headlines without the need for a million custom CMS fields.

Let me know if it works! :+1:

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thank you so much for these answers !

thank you so much for the answer !