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How can I get a heading to not copy text for each CMS?

Hi so I have a collection list of states. I’m trying to stylize them but each one needs to show their states and yet. If I had a new heading or rename it… it’ll still change that text in the other headings. How can I change that?

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Hey their @arodceo

I don’t get quite what your asking. Are you asking for the “Alaska” to be CMS formated in the image bellow?

If you are asking what I think you are here is what I did.

Step 1: Add a Div. block
Step 2: Copy the “Heading H1 - Alaska” and paste it bellow the one you copied. (Copy Ctrl C | Paste Ctrl V) and add both heading under the Div. Block.
Step 3: Make the pasted heading CMS Field “Title”
Step 4: Make the Div. block horizontal (Click on the new Div. Block -> Layout -> second one that looks like columns -> horizontal)
Step 5: Go to the Heading that says "How to become an electrician and add a 6 padding as you see in the image bellow.

I hope this helps.

This did the trick. Thank you so much!

How can I have it do that for every state accordingly?

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Remember that if you’re editing / changing anything in one CMS item, you’re doing it for all in that collection. Anything you add will be added to all, any data you pull from the CMS will be equally pulled for the others (just with their fields).

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