CMS Heading disassembly

The website has over 30 CMS pages, each containing 10 headings. My goal is to maintain unique headings for each CMS item, and I want to prevent these headings from auto-applying to each page.

To illustrate, let’s say I have a page titled “Dominica Citizenship” with a heading “Dominica Advantages”. If I decide to change “Dominica Advantages” to “Grenada Advantages”, this change auto-applies to all the CMS pages, which is not what I want. I am looking for a way to bind a specific heading to its corresponding country page without it auto-applying to other parts of the CMS pages.

I have received advice to create a separate field in my CMS for each unique heading, and then bind each heading element to the corresponding field in my CMS collection. However, I am not sure if this is the best approach to maintain my structure of headings separately inside the CMS.

Here is my public share link:

@Bogdan_Kolesnyk - A rich text field and also include headings and other content. That is an easy way to have unique content per collection items. Using multiplayer ones per template should provide all the flexibility you require.