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Div block spacing goes askew

Ok now… So I’ve asked this a few times on this forum, and for some reason when anybody tries to replicate what I’m talking about, this issue doesn’t seem to occur. But I’m CERTAIN I’m not going crazy and I’m almost at my wits end… So much so that, for all of Webflow’s incredible features and the fact it’s so customizable (Squarespace is soooo restrictive) - I’m almost considering switching back to wix. If ANYBODY is able to help me with this, or at least understands what I’m trying to say, I would be super duper appreciative :slight_smile:

Here we go:

1: I create a Div block.
2: Within that I create 2 Div blocks. With flex box I place them side by side and set them both at 50% width.
3: Within THOSE div blocks I place 2 images, of the SAME SIZE.

so it looks like this:

All good. EXCEPT! Sometimes, after a few seconds, the images click to a slightly different size, throwing off the perfectly arranged layout. Sometimes this doesn’t happen, in which case if I publish the site and then check it out - it looks like this:

I’m just trying to create a simple portfolio site. As you can imagine, as a designer, having things not align is enough for me to throw in the towel!

Are there any saviours out there? Anyone?

Here is my site Read-Only:
([how to share your site Read-Only link][2])