Give blog writer editor access to posts ONLY

Is it possible to only give our blog writer access to only edit posts, and no other areas of the website? Right now, I’ve tried turning off ‘Collaborators can edit this element’ on ALL pages except the blog page but this has not restricted their editing access to other parts of the site.

Surely there is a way to give editor access to just our blogs, and not site-wide editing access?

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Would be nice, but no, not that I’m aware of.
You’ll probably find a lot of these in the Webflow wishlist, here’s one I’ve found from Chris Nicholl.

You could probably build your own blog-only admin tool within the site, under a password-protected page, but it would be a bit of work. Another option would be to use an external system like AirTable, and setup a sync through automation or WhaleSync.

No trivial solutions unfortunately.


Apologies, I missed this response. Thanks for replying regardless Michael!

Not within Webflow, directly.

But… no bother, it’s an easy fix.

Just use Audienceful’s blogging feature. A free account get’s you really far. You connect it to your Webflow CMS and get 2 team member logins with it.

Now folks only have access to your blog posts on your Webflow blog :smile: