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Blog public editor/customization

Dear all,

I’m using the CMS future for Webflow and collecting blogs. However, I’m being frequently asked, can we edit the blog ourselves ? The answer is Yes but if i only make everyone as editor in my Webflow account and its hard to keep brivacy etc.

I’m looking for support to know how to make anyone edit/customize their own blogs with password/username whenever they require to & without the need for me to assign them as editor in webflow etc. please support

Hi @falkhater1 ,

I am not sure what is you structure, and why can’t you let editors edit their blog. Can you elaborate a bit more on your structure?

A possible solution might be to create a separate space for each editor to edit content, and connect all the spaces and the main blog with automation tools / APIs. This solution might be quiet complex and require some 3rd party platforms subscriptions (Airtable, Integromat / Zapier etc)