Having an issue getting the grid to work properly (placing elements)

I’m sure I’m doing something wrong, but I have a grid that is supposed to be 2 horizontal rows with 4 columns. I have a video element in the first 2 columns of the top row, and one text in each of the 4 columns on the bottom row. When I go to drop an image/video in the 3rd column on the top row it suddenly looks like I have 3 rows (it drops down lower than the line where the videos are). If I try and “drag” it up, the top box turns pink/red, as if it’s selected, but the image does not move up. What am I missing?

Patient testimonial page: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/louiss-radical-project-d73ee4?utm_source=louiss-radical-project-d73ee4&preview=2f37ede51114d5e81893c0fc6b3bb54b

I can confirm I’m having a similar issue with vertical height, when target (parent) element is using flex-box. Please help me also.

Just use manual settings to put elements where you want them for now (currently grid may be somewhat weird sometimes). That said check your video elements settings here. You can see that row start/end settings are 1 and 0. But 0 is not a valid row so change that to 1. Check both videos and it will fix the weird alignment.

Thanks I will check it out.

I have the same issue on Macbook Pro using Chrome

Then you can probably use the solution for this as well?