Grid 2.0? Need help with grid

Hello, I’m a new user here.
I have a grid in my footer with phone number, address and email. It’s horizontal with 3 columns on 1 row. On cell phone view it still is horizontal so part of the information is out of the screen. I’d like it to be responsive and move the blocs under another when the screen gets smaller.

The tutorial seems simple, with colored boxes being moved around and resized at will but what I have in my interface is a lousy pink grid where I can only select wider rows or columns but not individual blocs size, and where I have no idea how to move around the horizontal blocs to a vertical alignment.


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@PaysaPlus a working read-only link would allow me to give a more custom reply. Without that, first, grid cell sizes are based on the items inside. Second, the way to fix this would be to add a second row below your first row and add those boxes there. Also, consider using flexbox for this kind of layout :slight_smile: . Anything that appears on one row is way easier in flexbox.

You can see the site at
I tried to create a vertical grid in cell phone view and ended up with a vertical grid when I moved back to desktop view. Also, moving the content from one place to another in the grid is way too complicated for something that should be drag and drop. In the tutorial it’s all easy and straightforward but when I try the blocks don’t even go where I drop them in the grid.
It should be easy, 3 blocks 1-2-3 then when the screen gets too narrow
What am I missing?

I retried with the flexbox method and finaly made something that works! Thanks for your help!