Grid Layout confusion?


I’m very new to Webflow so apologies in advance is this is a quick fix…

I’m trying to create a specific layout using the grid layout and what I have learnt so far from the Wefblow university videos (, I have set two rows (the top row with my logo is set to 15vh and the second row is set to 85vh). Please advise if this is correct or if there is a better way?

I have 3 columns which allows me to span across my logo into 2 rows to create the overlap. I notice that the image I have included seems to drop outside the grid (see attached).

I’m not sure if I have done this correct but I’d really love some feedback or a fix if possible.

Link here:

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try set 0.25fr and 0.75fr

Hi guoshuzhang,

Many thanks for your prompt reply and video!

So I’ve tried to adjust but it seems I’m still having the same issue, but not as much! Please see video

Many thanks!

but in my screen look normal.

I’m not sure what the issue here is?

I have applied the settings you advised -

I had to tweak this a few times but it has fixed the issue.

Many thanks!